Deciding to get help for your loved ones is not a decision you should take lightly. While cost should not be what holds you back from getting the assistance that you need, it is a factor that plays into the decision for many. We understand the cost can be the main concern for many families looking into non-medical home care which is why we strive to deliver the industry’s best care for the best value.

Our costs are based off what you need

The peace of mind that comes from My Care at Home may be more affordable than you think. You might be assuming care is too expensive, and stop before you even pick up the phone to learn more. But the reality is, that whether you chose to invest in companion care, personal care, or both, you pay for only what you want out of us. Our in home care is always based off your unique situation and needs. You decide how often you need us to come and how long our caregivers stay.

Hourly Rates

Each hourly rate includes quality service, compassion, and trust as well as our My Care¬†Transitions program and Dementia Care Program for no extra cost. We offer short-term and long-term care options through this as well. Hourly rates however, as mentioned before, will always be based on your family’s unique needs.

My Care at Home strives to be what your loved one needs to have independence and to allow you to rest easy knowing they are in wonderful hands. There is no price to put on that.

Fill out the form below to get a personalized pricing and to find out how we can get started providing for you today! Contact us with any questions concerning insurance, visit options, or how we can help your loved one live an enjoyable, fun, independent life.