The best moment of your life arrived when you welcomed your beautiful first born into your life. As elated as you are, you are also overwhelmed. Not just by the trials over motherhood, but because your hormonal changes are making it even harder. On top of that, your child still has needs, and your partner must go to work. It can start to feel like you could never continue doing this by yourself, and fortunately, you don’t have to. With companion care, you can have someone at your side to help you with your household chores, and with your transition into motherhood. So what would companion care for new mothers look like?

  • Chores – As you tend to your child, or get your rest, we take care of simple household chores that will help ease the stress of motherhood, as well as lighten up your to-do list.
  • Errands – If you should need groceries, but are too busy taking care of the baby, we’ll help take care of errands so that you can give your baby love, and still get things done.
  • Companionship – As it’s called companion care, we do offer support in anything you need. We’ll be a friend when you need one, and the best helping hand you could get.

Our non-medical home care is helpful to all mom’s, but especially for new moms that are healing from a cesarean section. Take your time to rest and heal, as well as take care of your bundle of joy, and we’ll handle the rest. If you’re in need of home health care services, contact My Care At Home today.