1. 2 Benefits Of In Home Care In Colorado Springs

    There's a fairly good chance that you've spent at least one sleepless night worrying if you have an elderly parent. Here at My Care At Home, your source for elder in home care in Colorado Springs, CO, we understand these fears! It's hard to know where to begin when faced with the task of caring for your elderly parent. However, the answer doesn't have to be that complicated. In fact, it may be as …Read More

  2. More Reasons To Choose In Home Care In Colorado Springs

    In our last blog we began looking at some of the benefits you and your family can see from choosing in home care in Colorado Springs for your elderly parents. Hospital stays are traumatizing (not to mention expensive) and traditional nursing homes come with a hefty price tag. As we've pointed out, studies show that in home care actually helps to expedite healing in older adults versus a nursing ho…Read More

  3. Who Can Benefit From Home Care Services

    Imagine living your life independently, free of assistance and you can handle any task on your own. Now imagine that is all stripped from you. Not only have you lost your independence, but you’ve lost aspects of your good health. The simple tasks you could once complete with out even thinking, are now a daily feat for you. The feeling of this loss can be extremely disappointing, and even heart b…Read More