TBI and PTSD do not just affect those relieved from duty, they affect the entire family

Post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain disorders can often times require intense rehabilitation. My Care at Home offers the support and assistance that you may need to help handle the ones you love experiencing TBI and PTSD.

Traumatic brain disorders that have been caused by trauma or force can happen to anyone. When you least expect it, someone you know may all of the sudden have an injury that you need help with. Depending on the severity and level of TBI the amount of assistance you need may vary. My Care at Home is here to help with as little or as much care at home as you may need.

Our clients come first at My Care at Home

Those entrusted into our care are in compassionate hands that are dedicated to making their needs a priority. Whether you need help caring for someone with TBI or someone experiencing PTSD our level of care never changes. We understand that a lot is changing and the most important thing is that you and your family trusts the care that you are receiving.

We can help in the following ways:

  • Finding ways to improve communication
  • Transitioning home
  • Cooking
  • Grocery shopping
  • Assistance with paying bills and setting up online banking
  • Transportation assistance
  • Re-learning and setting up your smartphone or computer
  • Understanding and resetting the TV’s remote control
  • Meeting new people, socialization and finding support groups
  • Assistance with your medications
  • Avoiding substance abuse
  • Schooling or homework
  • Socialization with other children
  • Enhancing life skills and preparing for the future
  • Personal care (if required)