Anyone over the age of 45 is at risk for a medical emergency to occur at any given moment. My Care at Home offers a solution to ensure that when you have an emergency, help is only a push of a button away.

The Electronic Caregiver is always there ready to signal for the help you may need

With The Electronic Caregiver, you can rest easy knowing that the help you need is always with you. Strokes, heart attacks, trouble breathing, dizziness, and accidental falls can all be life threatening if you cannot get to a phone and call for help. The chances of accidents turning into unexpected emergencies increases each year with age. Give yourself or the ones you love, the gift of reassurance; enable them to rest easy knowing help is on the way!

Fast action saves lives

When you need immediate treatment to save a life, there is no extra time to spare trying to find a phone or get urgent help. With The Electronic Caregiver the help you need is always with you. It is the answer to enabling your family member’s independence while still creating the reassurance that many families need.

The Electronic Caregiver Proven to reduce mortality rates up to 400%, reduce hospitalization by 59%, and reduce healthcare costs by $7.19 for every $1 paid for our system

With the advanced technology,The Electronic Caregiver has saved thousands of lives over the decades. Recommended by home health agencies, pharmacists, and physicians, you can’t go wrong with the decision to purchase. The wireless system can be set up in just minutes with emergency buttons placed throughout the house. Add a optional automatic fall detector to your wrist pendant, as well as monitored smoke, carbon, and flood detectors that automatically call for help.

To find out more about the endless benefits The Electronic Caregiver can offer you or your loved ones, call us today!

Only $1.67 per day with no money down!

  • Have an institutional grade emergency response system
  • Inactivity wall sensor sends help if you’re in trouble and can’t push a button
  • Discreet wrist pendant that is waterproof
  • Dual-watch inactivity sensor
  • No repair charges ever.
  • Medical bill reduction service
  • Have the best medical emergency system with hands-free communication
  • No annual price increases!
  • 24/7 emergency response service gets you help fast in a crisis
  • Answer your phone with your wrist pendant
  • Medication reminder service so you never forget
  • 24/7 link to medical technicians if you have a concern