Imagine living your life independently, free of assistance and you can handle any task on your own. Now imagine that is all stripped from you. Not only have you lost your independence, but you’ve lost aspects of your good health. The simple tasks you could once complete with out even thinking, are now a daily feat for you. The feeling of this loss can be extremely disappointing, and even heart breaking. Fortunately there is help. In home care services are available, and are more accessible than ever, as they are able to help and care for many types of patients. So who exactly can our home care assistance be beneficial to?

  • Alzheimer’s And Dementia Patients – If someone you know and love is experiencing drastic mood swings, and are suffering from memory loss, or are experiencing confusion, they could be showing signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia. These mental diseases are dangerous, and often require in home care and assistance.
  • Out Patients – For those that have recently undergone surgery, and are bedridden until healed, in home care can be great. Allow yourself to heal, while we take care of non medical services, as well as medical services.
  • New Mothers – Being a new mom can be scary and overwhelming. Our in home care services can help you lift the weight of new motherhood, by helping with your newborn, taking care of chores and errands, and can even help with breastfeeding.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, has just recently had surgery or had a baby, consider hiring in home care services. Allow yourself to return to work, and your loved one to heal in peace, and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact the home health care services in Colorado Springs at My Care At Home today.